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    I'm moving to Missouri in a couple of weeks and don't see the need to pack up all these parts. Location: Retreat at Cheyenne Mountain Apartments, Colorado Springs, CO Taken from: 2016 KLR 650 with ~2,500 miles Rear lower fender: FREE Front Fender: FREE Mirrors, 1 good, 1 cracked: FREE Footpegs...
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    I am a former Harley rider, new to KLR's. After battling cancer for a bit and 2 years free of it I decided to get another bike. I could not decide if I wanted a thumper to play with or a Harley to travel. I was talking to a group of KLR riders in my little tourist trap town and they were telling...
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    Wow I didn't know I had an account here, been a long time since 2007. So I will say HI again, and I been up to a lot since then. I now try and stay off the streets so int he Garage I have a 2001 Honda XR650R Dual Sported out, and a 2012 Gas Gas EC300 Racing also with a tag ;-) And because of...
1-3 of 4 Results