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  1. 2008 through 2018 KLR650 Wrenching & Mods
    I been reading about speedometer accuracy on the forum, and don’t understand why a sprocket charge on a Gen 2 would affect the speedo. My best friend just bought a 22 ABS model and said the speedo runs off the rpm of the engine. I can understand sprocket swap affecting speedo readings there, but...
  2. 1987 through 2007 KLR650 Wrenching & Mods
    Hello KLR community! I recently purchased a 2007 KLR and I am changing out the 14t sprocket (what's been on it for a while) for a 16t as I'll be doing a lot of highway miles soon. I got a Sunstar and am wondering what direction it goes? I assume the engraved emblem and number are facing outward...
  3. 1987 through 2007 KLR650 Wrenching & Mods
    I noticed a weird sound coming from the front sprocket area when I changed my rear wheel, rear sprocket and chain. The sound isn't affecting how the bike runs (still rides like a champ) but it concerns me to go past 3rd gear because the sound gets louder from 1st - 2nd - 3rd (I don't want to...
1-3 of 3 Results