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  1. Hey everyone- new KLR guy here

    Hey everyone. Just registered here, although have been lurking and learning for a while now as I searched for a KLR. I'm an eye doc in Franklin, TN who also has a second career as a songwriter/musician/producer etc. Used to ride constantly as a kid.... first bike was a '74 Yamaha Enduro 80...
  2. 2001 KLR650 Intro

    Hey everyone! So I've had the bike for about a month now and I figured it was about time to do an intro on here. A little about me, I'm Adam. I'm currently still in college and I'm double majoring in Engineering and Physics. In my spare time, I restore vehicles. Currently, I am restoring two...
  3. New Member/ Owner from Texas

    Hello, Everyone! I am 24 years old. I grew up on four wheelers, my family would go to the mountains and ride. Growing up I always wanted a dirt bike, I rode my friends dirt bikes but never had my own. My dad, used to take me riding on his motorcycle all the time. He took me on a trip on it...
  4. Intro for Spsteevoe (Dalzell, SC)

    Greetings! Just got back from the Kawa dealer in Columbia, where i pulled the trigger on a brand new 13'. They had a few 14's in stock as well, but the incentives for the 13' were too good to pass up (no 'New Editions though). This is my very first bike, however, I rode dirt bikes (CR125...
  5. New member from NW GA Chattanooga area

    I'm new to this forum. Well forums period. I just bought my first bike it's an 04 klr 650 never rode a street legal bike before this one but I've had a bunch of experience on dirtbikes. I'm 20 so I don't have any friends that ride or anything but if there's anybody on herefr my area is love to...