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  1. Need jetting advice

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    I had my local Kawasaki dealer install the stage two Jet Kit along with the Lexx MXe muffler. They had a lot of trouble getting it tuned right as the recommended set up per the instructions resulted in flattening out at 6500 rpm. They tried 4 or 5 settings before going back to the stock main jet...
  2. JD Jet kit installation- part one

    How To's & Tech Guides
    I was asked to re-post so that this guide could be stickied. Glad people found it helpful. I chose to go with a JD Jetting kit following excellent results on my dirt bikes. I realize that this flies in the face of cheapness, but I wanted to stick with what I knew. So, with some help from...