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  1. Advice on luggage options for up front

    Bike and Rider Gear
    Planning a 6 week outback trip early next year (with a mate also on a KLR). Flinders Ranges, Birdsville, Camerons Corner and wherever else we find ourselves (open to suggestions from those of you who have been out there....) I have AndyStrapz panniers (on my Tiger 800), so will get the KLR...
  2. Mosko Moto Luggage

    Bike and Rider Gear
    Anyone heard anything about or have experience with Mosko Moto system? (Would post a link but I'm too noob.) :fiddler:
  3. Tank Bag Questions

    Bike and Rider Gear
    Hey everyone, this is my first post on this website. I just got an 07 650 with 7000 miles on it and i really want to get a tank bag. I've found a bag i want but I don't know if i should trust magnets with my valuables when whizzing down the road. so to my question.... do you prefer the magnetic...