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  1. Other KLR's - 250, 600, Tengai, C Models, KLX...
    Hi All, first time on the forum. I have acquired a KLR250 which is currently completely disassembled. Ive been looking around for a workshop manual but with no luck, Does anyone have one? Thanks Dan
  2. Introductions
    Hi All - great site from what I can see so far. A friend of mine suggested that I get on here and I won't be disappointed. I live in Vancouver, BC Bought a 2004 with 32000 Kms on it I have just ordered a shop manual so I can: -fix an oil leak - change the battery - and more than likely...
  3. Gadgets & Gizmos
    Just wanted to let everyone know, I have decided to release a Free version of the KLR Pocket Reference Android App. I also decided to reduce the pricing of the Ad-Free version! Both the Ad-Free and the Free Versions are available from Google Play and the Amazon App Store by searching for "KLR...
1-3 of 3 Results