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  1. New in San Diego, KLRforum, and new to motorcycles

    Hi everyone, I just purchased a new KLR and still to pick it up :( This is going to be my first motorcycle and I decided for a KLR for its reputation, price, and dependability. Moved from Tijuana and getting started to know places here. Finished the B. Riding Course and still have never...
  2. Intro to Baja Summer KLR Ride: Planning now

    Travel Log & Trip Reports
    I am planning a couple of weekend Baja rides this summer for interested KLRistas; below is the rough itinerary. Get back to me with dates that will work for you, sometime between late June and late July. This means you, Jon! Consider this "Baja lite." This will be a limited off-road ride...
  3. Trip Report: Baja

    Travel Log & Trip Reports
    So, I know there are plenty of excellent trip reports out there from people who've ridden all around Mexico and the central/southern Americas. We are full time students, and only went to Baja for one week over our winter break — not exactly an unparalleled feat. But, all three of us are new...