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  1. new owner

    just bought my first dual sport. 2016 klr650 with 350 miles. what are the must have upgrades when taking this bike on camping trips along with just upgrades you gotta have for everyday riding? looking forward to getting out there. thanks
  2. New KLR Rider How to prepare for Adventure Ride

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    Good Afternoon everyone, I am new to the KLR world. I have owned my 2013 for nearly a year now with a bit of riding under my belt however due to a busy schedule not as much as i had hoped. I am wanting to spend more time on it this year though and want to prepare it to do a portion of the...
  3. 2001 KLR 650 Question

    1987 to 2007 Wrenching & Mods
    I recently bought a 2001 Klr 650 and i need to find some accessories that will fit to the bike. I need Engine Guards, Bash plate, Top box, panniers and the frames to fit them. If its possible i also need to see if i can get plastics to fit the KLR even if they are similar to the 2001 model...
  4. '09 Mods. What did I forget ?

    So Far Completed: (from front to back, sort of in that order ) a) KLR Fender off, lowered the fender and added an Acerbis fender b) Eagle Mike Fork Brace c) Quad LED driving lights mounted to the bottom of the fork bracket (custom) d) Zero Gravity Tall tinted windscreen e) Cyclops LED Low...
  5. My 2012 KLR 650, set up for the 90/10 experience

    Show Off Your Bike
    This is my 2nd KLR over the years; Really enjoy the bike. Very functional! Primarily use it for commuting back and forth to work when the temps are below 80 degrees and less than 40 percent chance of rain :) I have a pipe dream of actually going off road someday, but where I live in the Florida...
  6. Bike "lift kit"?

    1987 to 2007 Wrenching & Mods
    I wanna find something to give my bike more ground clearance but I'm not sure what to use... I know about eagle miles rm1s and the progressive shock mod. But in trying to get about 10-12 inches of ground clearance. Anybody have any thoughts on the subject?
  7. Most Important Performance Mods

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    Opinions-Most Important Performance Mods I just sold my '05 636 Ninja. Now the only street legal bike I currently have is my good 'ol '06 KLR 650. I've loved the bike for what it is and have put over 10k miles on it over the last 2 years (a fair amount owning 3 bikes). But now that I no...
  8. Highway Riding - Mods?

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    I have a 2008 KLR650.. Once this winter is all over with... I plan on doing some longer highway rides (140 miles or so). I will be doing the Doohickey this Spring. I was wondering is there is anything else that I should do? I was considering a 16T sprocket, but in a debate about having to...
  9. 3 Questions (oil, mods, and manufacture date)

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    I have an 2008 KLR. I have noticed the oil seems a bit low (although it's hard to see if the bike it truly level). The guy I bought it from used the "top of the line" amsoil 10w-40 in it. 1) What is the best type of engine oil I should run in the KLR? 2) Is the 685 Piston Kit the only fix for...