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new guy

  1. Hi all!

    Hi all, I'm happy to say I took delivery of a new 18 KLR650 this past weekend. I'm anxious to get to work on some mods and accessory installations. The first thing I have noted is it is a little tall for me as my feet aren't quite flat on the ground. I come from a background of V-twin...
  2. Yet Another One!

    Been following the blog for a bit. Great stuff. I had been in contemplation for a while now. Pulled the trigger on a 09' based on the enthusiasm from you all finally. Seems to be a good pile. Handles well for a pig off road. In south west Wyoming where there are plenty of non asphalters to...
  3. KLR Seeker.

    Hey. I'm new to the KLR world- I haven't purchased a bike yet but I'm falling in love with the KLR before I even ride one. I'm impressed with the amount of forums and followers! I am a 28 year old guy, I'm looking at a bike- I grew up riding YZ's and other dirt bikes, Currently I want a bike...
  4. Sub frame bolt upgrade

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    To start off thank you all for the help in deciding which bike to buy, this forum had a huge influence. I ended up with a 2008 with just shy of 7000 miles. As I start the process of dumping money into making this my "dream" bike i was trying to figure out the sub frame upgrade. The previous...