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  1. gas lines switched

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    Hi folks! I just replaced the spark plug to my 2018 KLR 650 and when I disconnected the gas lines of the Vapor Recovery System from the back of the tank I did not mark which hose went where. I thought I reconnected them right but when I started the motorcycle it went on for a minute kind of...
  2. Just buying 1st KLR, 1998 Model

    Bike and Rider Gear
    Hey Ya'll, I'm buying a friends 98 KLR with approx. 4000 miles on it. I needed a bike to ride while I rebuild my 1970 750 Bonneville. It has a supertrapp exhaust and street tires. Hasn't run for a year...just sitting. I'm told it needs the carbs flushed and a new battery. I want a gel...