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  1. 2008 KLR for sale, fully outfitted

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    Fully outfitted 2008 KLR650 in great condition. It has 23,300 miles, but will increase slightly as I am still riding the bike to commute. My asking price of $3,900 is based off of the KBB/NADA average plus approximately half of the total value of the upgrades/accessories listed below. Reasonable...
  2. Do the typical Pannier mounts interfere with removing the seat?

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    So looking at some pannier options and seems like they would get in the way of removing the rear side panels which need to be removed to remove the seat or am I not looking at this right? For instance I like this type but sure looks like you would have to remove a god awful number of bolts to...
  3. How to install Teton pannier SU Rack from HT

    How To's & Tech Guides
    Good day folks, I am kind of a visual learner, so the instructions that came with the SU Rack for my 2012 KLR required multiple reads to make some sense... I took photos as I went along, made comments, and made a slide show... Hopefully this video serves you well...
  4. Nice Looking Homemade Pannier System??????

    Pacific Northwest Riders
    I was doing my monthly hoping and wishing and drooling over panniers when I cam across a craigslist advertisement . . . http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/mcy/2627181645.html 475 gets you side racks and boxes? Anyone have any experience with these? I've fired off an email, waiting to hear...