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  1. Electrical Purgatory

    KLR & Other Motorcycle Related Discussion
    This site has helped me a lot, so it's time to join. I have a real mystery. If anyone can help, I'd be so appreciative. I love working on bikes, but this has stumped me. I almost never do electrical work... Last fall, my 2008 KLR was running fine until it sat for about 2 weeks (under cover). I...
  2. Instrument cluster (dash) for sale

    Marketplace & Classifieds
    Hey all.... I've been asked by quite a few members if I would sell my dash. I've decided to make 10 for my first batch. They will be will be water jet from aluminum painted gloss black, and will come complete with volt meter, 2 usb power ports, 1 conventional lighter style power port and an...
  3. My KLR is Stuttering... and I've done just about everything

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    Okay guys, I'm in need of some desperate help here. About a month ago, I was riding back to my base (about 200 miles) on my 2009 KLR (stock, no mods... yet) when about 3/4ths the way there I started noticing the RPM's "ticking" and losing power intermittently like it was running out of fuel. I...
  4. KLR Has No Power When Key Turned to "ON"

    1987 to 2007 Wrenching & Mods
    Electrical Problem Please help. I can't find anyone else who is talking about this issue, any ideas will be welcome. [My bike is a 2003 KLR650. I baby the thing, treat it really well, never abuse it, it's always garaged or covered, cleaned often, fluids changed, battery connected to battery...
  5. '08 KLR Backfire & soot

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    whats up, sorry to post this if it was already up but i'm new here (and new to the dual sport world) but i had a few questions. i have a 2008 klr650 with no mods, straight stock, and its been back firing. I looked at the back plastics and there is a little black soot build up (from the backfire...
  6. DG Slip-on

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    I put the $149 end can on today. The install took about 5 minutes. I didn't like the tension of the included springs so I used some leftovers I had from my zx10 Brock's exhaust. I've not started her yet, letting the RTV cure, but it looks sweet:) It saved quite a bit of weight as well. Now I...