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  1. Review of the KLRDash windscreen riser kit

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    Good day, before and after I did the KLRDash install, I put together a two part review. If you are thinking about a windscreen riser, I encourage you to check out my review. My opinions, observations, and recommendations are only something to consider. I hope you find them useful...
  2. Registered but new Member

    Wow I didn't know I had an account here, been a long time since 2007. So I will say HI again, and I been up to a lot since then. I now try and stay off the streets so int he Garage I have a 2001 Honda XR650R Dual Sported out, and a 2012 Gas Gas EC300 Racing also with a tag ;-) And because of...
  3. Video of the World's most powerful Motorcycle

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  4. 209 KLR Review, 1st time KLR owner

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    2009 KLR Review, 1st time KLR owner As a relatively new owner of a 09 KLR, and a first time owner of any KLR, my review might best be used by someone like me. I have owned 18 bikes in my life, about 50-50 street to dirt, so I know what each type of riding is all about. I researched long and...