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  1. 2022+ KLR650 Wrenching and Mods
    Does anyone out there know if the Gen 3 fork springs are the same as the Gen 2’s? I’d like to replace the stock springs and there isn’t anything specifically for the Gen 3. But plenty of Gen 2 options are available. Thanks all!!
  2. 2008 through 2018 KLR650 Wrenching & Mods
    Hi all, Wanting to get that little bit more ground clearance and travel out of the Gen 1 where possible and thought that it would maybe be possible to put a Gen 1 front end and possibly shock/swing arm (both with new springs, etc) onto the Gen 2 for more travel and ground clearance. Is this swap...
  3. KLR & Other Motorcycle Related Discussion
    I come here to find information about my 1986 KLR 250 now it's my turn to divulge information that I have learned. At first I was not impressed with my purchase a year ago. It was mushy, sloppy and couldn't wheelie or jump anything because the suspension was mushy and sloppy. I heard that...
  4. 1987 through 2007 KLR650 Wrenching & Mods
    Hi!, let me introduce my self, my name is francisco, im from Guatemala and i recently bought a supposedly 16k miles klr 05´. I saw a post on the internet and it was quite cheap, but it was kind of far from where i live so i asked an uncle to buy it for me. So he did, but didnt pay much...
1-4 of 4 Results