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  1. 2022+ KLR650 Wrenching and Mods
    I'm switching to LED turn signals with running lights integrated into them. I already bought an LED relay to wire in to avoid hyperflash, but I can't find the stock relay to replace. I tried looking in the same place it's supposed to be on earlier models, but it doesn't seem to be there. Anyone...
  2. 2022+ KLR650 Wrenching and Mods
    New adventure owner & enjoying the bike. After 100 miles the tires much better. Planning to do simple mods & swap to led bulbs. The plate light & turn signals are strange. Tried twisting the signal bulb with no luck. Does the plate light pull out?
  3. Wrenching and Mods for Things Common to All Years
    I'm stuck with so many options. I don't have stock fairings in the front so I'm know I'm going to need to rewire and make a mount but I can't seem to find a good turn signal unit replacement. I'd prefer something waterproof, bright and not overly protruding since I do take this wheeling every so...
  4. 1987 through 2007 KLR650 Wrenching & Mods
    Hi everyone, I’m new motorcyclist at 48 y.o. Just bought an 2007 KLR650 with several issues to fix. Mi left hand turn lights front and rear won’t work. Both right hand ones do work. I checked continuity to turn signal switch assembly harness (46091-1791) and it’s ok. If I connect the left...
  5. 1987 through 2007 KLR650 Wrenching & Mods
    Hello guys, Im new to the forum I just got my first KLR its an 06, Im 26. So I am having issues with my Turn signals. By Law in Costa Rica you must have working turning signals in order to renew your driving permit, you must go and have your bike checked every year to get this permit and i...
1-5 of 5 Results