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  1. windscreen turbulence

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    Hi all: I have a 2017 KLR650 and am experiencing a lot of turbulence while driving faster than 50mph. It looks like the windscreen creates the turbulence right at the height of my helmet creating a terrible noise inside. I have to use ear plugs on long trips. The curious thing is that if I...
  2. Madstad Windshield

    Rider Reviews
    Put the 20" on yesterday and rode around and to work today. HUGE difference. I can ride with my helmet shield up and catch no wind at 50+ mph. Actually forgot once that the face shield was up. I installed the 20" All the way down and angled the same as the stock windshield and no helmet...
  3. Review of the KLRDash windscreen riser kit

    How To's & Tech Guides
    Good day, before and after I did the KLRDash install, I put together a two part review. If you are thinking about a windscreen riser, I encourage you to check out my review. My opinions, observations, and recommendations are only something to consider. I hope you find them useful...
  4. How to install a KLRDash windscreen riser kit

    How To's & Tech Guides
    Good day folks, I recently installed a KLRDash windscreen riser kit and took some notes along the way. I put together a how to install video along with a few recommendations as well for those looking to do the install. The video can be seen at http://youtu.be/CpmLpll1ol8 Hope you find it useful!