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Sharing a problem and solution for someone else who may encounter the same symptoms

Bought bike ~2 months ago which probably was sitting for a while
Was low on fuel the day after a hard afternoon of riding

What happened:
Entering the highway hit ~80 mph and then suffered instant loss of power. First thought was a broken chain. Looked down and it was there so down shifted until the bogging bike could maintain speed. Limped the bike back home at 30 mph.

Wasn't a clogged gas tank vent, just a clogged jet in the carb. There was also other little junk floating in the float bowl (probably from when I swapped it to reserve thinking it could have ran out of gas). After a quick carb cleaning, it was back to normal. Rinsed tank with gas and riding again.

As simple as that sounds, I overthought it. Hope this helps someone
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