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11,000 miles and a review.

In a lot of ways bikes are like women. For those of us that have been around the block a time or two there are generally two types of women. There are some that are nice to look at but seem to high maintenance and good for only one thing. They take an hour just to do their hair. You’re constantly waiting for them so that the two of you can go out to eat. After a while you start to wonder if the high maintenance girl is worth it. Then there are the plain Jane variety who can go have a beer with and are ready to roll at a moments notice. They are your best buddies.

After having put 11,000+ miles on my bike I can say that the 08 KLR is the Jane of women out there.

I just got back last night from a 4 hour ride on the super slab and was having a great time. I had my tunes wired up and was hearing my kind of music. I was passing most cars and trucks at will. For about $20 in gas I was flying down the road. The KLR was humming right along. Traffic was light. Things were good.

Let me give you a picture of the KLR as I have come to know her.

-Changing the oil is a snap. Takes less than 10 minutes. No plastic to take off. You save money by doing it yourself. Sounds like Jane to me.
-No major issues after 11,000 miles. No drama. Sounds like Jane.
-The KLR can hit the road or dirt. She isn’t fussy.
-She isn’t flashy. More and more like Jane
-Great MPG. The KLR doesn’t drain your checkbook. Jane again.
-Of the bikes out there, there are very few that cost less than the KLR……….Jane

I have learned to appreciate the KLR and what the KLR can do.

-I added a beaded seat for long trips. It cost $14 at autozone and long trips are 80 to 90% less painfull on the butt. A 2000 mile trip and yes my butt was still sore but it wasn't to bad.

-I added 20mm ammo boxes to a PackRat frame. A 12 pack of PA’s oldest beer fits nicely into one of the boxes. A two gallon can of gas fits nicely into the other ammo box. Lots of storage space and cheap too. I bolted down a EMGO travel trunk for helmet storage.

-A (might I add cheap) tall ZG windshield to greatly reduce the wind and this bike is ready for long trips.

It is great for around town as well. How many times have you caught yourself driving a two ton car just to get milk and bread? 4,000 pounds is a lot of weight to carry around for milk and bread.

-The absolute lowest mpg I’ve ever got was around 40. If you really want to push it you can get close to 60 or more MPG. Most of the time I stay in the high 40s for MPG.

I wired up GPS to the low beam and either run it or I can charge my MP3 player.

The long straight seat of the KLR is of a great advantage. It allows you to change your position on the road and thus those pressure points. Other riders on machines costing twice to five times as much can’t often match the distance the KLR puts out on a day.

This is a great bike.

Oh ya, 11,000 miles and I have a stock Doo

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Hi, I am also leaning for the Packrat rack, but isn't the back part of the rack that goes around the plate too low? My plate has been bent several times by the tire. Have you got any problem with it? Thanks,
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