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I know. It's odd. ******* is a bad word, but Jap is not. What does and what does not pass through the bad world filter is strange and I'm not going to explore what other epithets based upon race, color, national origin, religion, or sex may or may not pass.

Anthony Harkins of Western Kentucky University wrote quite a treatise on 'Hillbillies, ********, Crackers and White Trash' ten years ago. One wonders if he could have written that in this day and age. He explores some of the other terms that were in common use back in the day and notes that hillbilly and ******* are relatively recent terms.

There was a big brouhaha here some months ago over the term 'Okie'. It seemed that some descendants of migrant Oklahomans took great offense ta the term, whereas people who were real migrant Oklahomans or who lived in Oklahoma were not so offended. Many were, in fact and like Merle Haggard, proud to be Okies. But I think Merle lived in Bakersfield, so he might not have known whereof he spoke...
1 - 1 of 15 Posts