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I'm moving to Norway from Canada, and bringing my 2009 KLR650.

Does anyone in Europe have the same bike (at least from 2008-2010 or something like that) and could take a picture of the specifications in the registration card?
You can mask the VIN, registration number, /your name and address if you feel paranoid about it.

I am especially interested in seeing the noise levels / dbA for the bike. Mine has the stock pipe.
This will likely save me a lot of trouble!

If anyone from Norway can do this, that would be extremely valuable for me, but any EU country would be great!

You can email a picture to itjost at-sign gmail period com if you please, or post the picture here.
Please also post here if you have sent me something, so that others will know I am not in need of it anymore.

Thank you!

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