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2009, Not sure what is leaking

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Hey Everyone,

I picked up a 2009 KLR about two months back with 10k miles on it. Been parking it in my garage and noticed a VERY slow drip when I get back from riding on my garage floor. Once it dries, the place where the few droplets happened will turns white which makes me assume it's coolant. Anyone familiar with this? Should I be concerned? It appears to be coming from a runoff hose on the bottom of the bike. I'm mechanically competent (or at least with cars), but I'm unfamilar with these as this is my first KLR, let alone 1st bike. I would post the pictures I took but it appears there's no attachments allowed on this forum.

If you were standing on the right side of the bike looking directly at the bike's side, the hose's location would be where the back of your right foot's heel would be while resting on the normal riding pegs, maybe two inches inward of that spot on the bike.
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Don't think there's any coolant back there - closest thing with liquid is the rear brake reservoir. Only other thing might be condensation from an exhaust leak - that's about the spot where the muffler meets the header.
I had a buddy take a peek at it yesterday while grilling out. He said it looked like the hose ran up to the battery....Not sure if that's a thing since I know some of these batteries you have to add water (I'm used to a car battery).
Could be that - if the battery is over full you can get some fluid draining out - also if can get some seepage if overcharging.

All non- sealed wet cell motorcycle batteries have a drainage hose.
as soon as you said white, battery came to mind. it's easy enough check by just taking the left side cover off and looking at the hose. then remove the seat and take the battery out to check the levels.

did you have to buy a new battery when you got the bike? an old battery or even a newer one that hadn't been maintained could be overheating.
If you really want to test for battery acid, put a couple of drops of water on it and then a bit of baking soda. If it bubbles up, you know it's acid.

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