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Hello All,
2011 recently developed a charging issue at 9200 miles, I replaced doohickey at 8200 miles with no issues and thermo bob done at 9000 miles with a 16t sprocket. Today key was left on for about 5 min, bike was push started and on way home would cut ignition when blinkers or high beams applied. New AGM battery installed and shows 12.6 volts engine running at 2000 rpm. I had a low beam headlight blow out about 2 weeks ago and read one forum that suggested that was a symptom of a bad regulator.
Should I now start with a regulator? Is there any way to test one on a bench?
Sorry if this question has been previously answered but I couldn't find it searching.
Wires near sprocket from stator have been visually inspected but wire sheath was not cut free to see under the sleeve.

Thanks for any and all advice,
16 tooth sprocket done at 9000 and 200 miles later, no charging.:rolleyes: I would still suspect that the stator wires were caught in the sprocket, and were cut.

In the pic below, the stator wires are the white ones just to the left of the sprocket. It doesn't take much to have them damaged if they are not routed away from the sprocket teeth.

You can check the stator wires easily enough with a ohm meter at the voltage regulator (VR) which is mounted up under the front left side the bike. Here is a video on how to check if the stator wires are good (earlier bike with VR mounted on rear fender).


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