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Hello KLR Fans.

Some of you may know the Dacre Dual Sport Challenge. Below is a small caption of the event description. Many KLR's in the past have been very successful in completing this challenge. Do you have what it takes? Of corse you do! You ride a kawasaki. :35a:

The Dacre Dual sport Challenge event is a "dual sport" event designed to honour and mimic the achievements of the competitors of the real DAKAR Rally in Europe and Africa and now South America. The Dacre Dual sport Challenge ride is an example of what each competitor has to complete every day for the complete duration of the rally, and they did it for fifteen days, not just one!

As in the past this years' event is a "Challenge Concept Event". It is not a day tour, it's all about personal and bike preparation, machine reliability, self sufficiency, team work, planning, navigation and camaraderie. It is considered a level 5 on our difficulty scale. Be aware that you will be relying on your partners and yourself to take care of any problems that may arise, we will only be providing assistance in extreme emergency situations. You are responsible for providing your own logistics if you leave the event for any reason, and you are also responsible for providing your own logistics to return from Dacre after the event is over! The entire route will be “swept” by our crew, but they may be hours behind you.

Go to the rally connex adventure tours web site for more details

Please feel free to post any questions you may have.
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