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Join us for our 5th year of the Rendezvous.

Location: Silverton, Colorado
Dates: July 31 - August 3rd, 2014
Cost: $60
Registration: Open Feb 1 - June 30, 2014 only. Registration ends Jun 30. No late or on site registration this year!
Base camp: Red Mountain Motel, Cabins, Tent and RV Park 664 Greene Street Silverton, CO 81433, (970) 387-5512
Lodging: Not included in your RMAR Donation / Registration. Make your own arrangements or reservation at basecamp, or at another place in town. There are several places in town. Check out the Silverton Chamber website, under "Lodging".
Fundraising: This event will support the Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition, San Juan County Trails and San Juan Trail Riders.
Meals: Meal Voucher Cards to be used at Silverton Restaurants. Unlike years past, there will be no meals cooked at basecamp. Instead, part of your $60 donation will be turned back to you in the form of vouchers. We'll buy these vouchers back from the restaurants where you spend them. We're making this change to better impact this local community. Additional vouchers will also be available for purchase to help show this community our actual impact.
Goodies: T-Shirt, Sticker, Ride Pack


At the heart of every adventure rider is the same passion that our forefathers lived as they explored west of the Mississippi, over two hundred years ago as Mountain Men. There were streams to cross and mountain passes to be conquered. Around every corner there was a scene that would take their breath away. These free-spirited souls thrived on solitude, but once a year, they knew they needed to return to a location where like-minded adventurers would gather for supplies and celebration and socialization. This event was “The Rendezvous”.

Motorcycle adventure riders are a similar breed. We love our freedom to roam and explore and we cherish the free-spirit we can live on two wheels. It is this passion that motivates Rocky Mountain Adventure Riders to host a gathering, our flagship event. Once a year in the south-west corner of Colorado, in the San Juan Mountains, RMAR riders gather for camaraderie, celebration and phenomenal riding.

About RMAR.......

1. RMAR is Chartered AMA Group, based out of Colorado Springs, CO
2. RMAR is a non-profit corporation in the state of Colorado
3. The RMAR Board of Directors and Representatives are 100% volunteer
4. The Mission of RMAR is:
A) Positively impact and influence the lives of those that ride with us, respecting each other and supporting one another.
B) Promote Dual-Sport/Adventure Motorcycle Events in the Rocky Mountain Region with a focus on responsible and respectable behavior and riding on our public lands and in the local communities, adhering to all the AMA policies and requirements.
C) Support fund-raisers for state and/or local trail riding clubs or associations/coalitions/alliances that champion our sport and/or fight legislatively/politically for public land access for motorcycling.
5. Over 80% of all donations are routed into trail work and/or advocacy. The remainder is used for direct expenses running off events.

RMAR isn't like those high dollar, for-profit adventure riding companies.....We are living to give and keep our sport alive. We want our kids and grand kids to be able to ride.


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This is one of the rougher rides I do but this guy did a great video capturing it...I'm the one that knocks the GoPro over...LOL


And at the end while they worked their butts off me and another guy were relaxing in a creek...trail was too narrow to go back but we did after 30 minutes of waiting.

Here is a video a rider did of the Apline Loop
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