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I will for sure! I would have to say when I advanced the timing from 4 to 6 degrees advanced is when I really noticed the biggest difference. Now it was like night and day but I definitely noticed it for sure!!! Plus I have also been breaking mine in pretty hard. Right now I have just under 500 miles and I have noticed from bikes in the past the harder you break them in they are going to feel faster and just run better all around. This hole breaking in your bike really really soft i am just not a believer. This is actually my second 2022 KLR650 Adventure Model. I bought my first one back in Aug of 2021 and just last month I laid it down pretty good and it was totaled out by the insurance company. It had almost 2,400 miles on it. I Just bought my current Adventure KLR earlier this month!
Would you mind sharing that map file? or screenshots? I'd like to give it a try
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