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2022 Khaki base no abs w/ modified 2018 med tusk panniers & racks w/ modified 2018 crash bars
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It seems like there are SEVERAL aftermarket 2nd gen parts that will work on the 3rd gens with some little modifications here & there. These 2 different model years seem to be close enough in overall dimensions.(within a couple inches left, right, up, down I'd say)
After my very successful tusk pannier project I was encouraged to attempt modifying crash bars.
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The bars I chose were $117 on eBay. They were actually VERY strong and VERY difficult to bend!馃挭馃槀 & that's REALLY good news.

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First thing you need to do is cut off the pipe clamp mount & bar all the way back to the main cage area on the new crash bars. This clamp will not work because of the radiator mounts welded to the frame. These pipe scraps can be used for an upper mount behind the factory bumpers later if you wish.

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Next area to cut is where the rack bolts under the gas tank. Just cut the round ear off the rack & drill a new hole as close to the new end you made & centered on the tab.

You may or may not need to drill out the the front 2 lower mounting holes on the newly cut rack slightly to aid in the installation...? It took me some pushing & pulling & bending to make everything line up but it wasn't that difficult. A little extra wiggle room might help?

The bolting locations under the tank need a spacer in between the 2 metal mounting tabs on each side of the bike to prevent the metal from collapsing as you tighten up the bolt. I made the spacers from the large spacers that came with the crash bars by cutting them in half
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& sticking them inside the void in the frame.
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I fished a bolt & washer from the back side, then put a washer & nut on the outside to hold it in place.
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The crash bar tab that you modified will now fit over this bolt&nut and you can now use a lockwasher &nut to mount it.
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Then grind these bolts & nuts down a bit so they will clear the underside of the gas tank (I put a piece of thin rubber between the tank & the thinned down nuts) you can also buy thin jamb nuts and use them instead I just used what I had 馃憤

The last thing that you'll have to modify is at the lower 2 mounting holes. The instructions say to use the 4 small spacers behind the crash bar flange left & right but now The top 2 spacers need to be larger to slightly lean the bars outward to clear the slightly wider gen3 fairing. I made these spacers from the large spacers that came with the crash bars. I put a cut down larger spacer on one side & the 2 smaller left over spacers stacked up for the other side. If you don't have the crash bars & instructions in front of you right now then my directions might not make much sense!?馃憦馃槀 but to the Ones trying to attempt this project I think you'll catch my drift.
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That's all of the gen2 crash bar modifications to make them FIT the gen3's. I'm going to weld on an upper support to bolt to the black factory drop guard location soon & I'll post an update but for now they are bolted up pretty SOLID!
The rest of the crash bar installation instructions are left unchanged for the most part. There is A LOT of dissembling of the bike fairings & gas tank and such for this project but no more than is common for this type of crash bar installation.
Hopefully the pictures help with the storyline?!
(Below I've posted updated pics with the upper bars installed)

2022 Khaki base no abs w/ modified 2018 med tusk panniers & racks w/ modified 2018 crash bars
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And this is the final product with the upper bar supports made from the bar clamps I cut off the racks. I used a 3/16" thick heavy duty lawn tractor blade for the mounting bracket. They are super heavy duty now. I'll admit they are Not PERFECT... but for $117... They'll do the job just fine! 馃挭馃槀馃憤
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I'm making a tool tube to go in between the crash bars where I cut the bar clamps in front of the "skid plate"(that skid plate is next. Gen2 of course)

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Thanks for checking out my project! 馃憡馃槑 馃憤

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