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2023 DashBoard work in progress

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Since the day I brought my KLR650 (NOV 2022), I have been improving the dash. Now the phone sits very deep into the windscreen and lower (out of view).

OBD connector (cheap one off amazon) DOES NOT DRAIN THE BATTERY

OBD diagnostic cable (cheap one off amazon) DOES NOT DRAIN THE BATTERY

Device KYOCERA DuraForce2 (most rugged device I have ever used) CRASH TESTED and APPROVED!

AntiVibe claw phone holder. CLAWS are necessary. I found out the hard way.
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I had to modify the ball mount vice to accommodate for more adjustment down. I put the mount in the mill and opened up a slot for the phone holder ball mount to recess into.
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Ball mount, I put the anti vibe bushing into the lathe and open it up with a very sharp 2 flute end mill bit to fit the accessory bar I made to go with the Windscreen risers.

Custom mounting bar (made here in the shop) allows for the mounting point to be deep into the windscreen. Bar is threaded at both sides and screws into the windscreen risers. The same affect could be accomplished with a bolt and a bar that is tapped to accept the bolt.

Aluminum wind screen risers (wyomingfarmer??) from a member of this forum. Aluminum and pure quality construction. I would not use any other riser on the market. Most of which are plastic.

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I may shorten the height of the t handle to allow the entire mount to move further back into the wind screen.
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The ball mount modified so the phone holder would have more adjustment down.
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If you didn't want to build the bar you could probably find something like this to work in place of the bar.
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I love my Kyocera Dura Pro 2. Good choice.

My only complaint about it is when I have Google maps on, it prefers to be upright instead of sideways like yours. Some of the commands, become awkward on the screen while on the move. I just keep mine mounted straight up.
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Yes, I have to agree that it has not been the best device for mapping, However as far as durability goes, I have not seen anything else that can take the beating this one has taken. Had my IPHONE flew off the motorcycle at 65 mph with or without the protective cover it would have disintegrated.
I try to get the phone as low of a profile as possible and out of my line of sight.
The folks using the Kyocera for OBD and navigation, what version of Android do you have running on the device? I'm curious whether the relevant apps are handicapped if you don't have the latest and greatest Android OS installed.
I have torq, DMD2 and rever installed. I use torq for displaying engine information and monitoring. Not sure what version of Android it is currently running. I have never checked. The mapping is just small and touchy. I really dont use the GPS on the phone all that much because DMD2 does not give all the same info as torq. So the screen generally stays on the torq app monitoring rather than using it for mapping or anything else.
If you select the "Settings" icon and then the "System" tab, you will find your Android version.
Not sure why you're trying to bury your device deep within your windshield, but that may be the reason why the maps appear unsatisfactory. I have my device mounted portrait mode on the accessory bar and it does not obstruct the vision to any extent.
IMO, the OBD2 apps like Torque and DMD2 do not integrate the navigation function too well. May be better off with a separate app like OSMAND, Sygic, GAIA, etc. YMMV.
I have begun to use the KYOCERA with Torq as a gauge pod more than anything else.

DMD2 map integration doesn't work well at all. Torq doesn't even offer mapping, however it does have good engine monitoring. If I am using mapping (which is rare) I have another cell phone that fits in my bar bag. I use my IPHONE (google maps) for that function combined with my watch and helmet speaker.

I bury the phone into the windscreen to keep it out of my line of sight. I dont care for it taking up alot of room in the windscreen. Since I am not relying on the mapping all that much from the phone I prefer it where I can see it but not have to see it.
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