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‘Twas the night before Christmas on the snow covered plain

My bikes were on tenders and tanks were all drained

The Gold Wing sat covered from plastic to bling

And I hoped that the battery would last until spring

Carbs had been emptied from the vintage collection

With a fall coat of wax, they shined to perfection

And I in my pj’s, with mom in her robe

Sat by the fireplace and complained of the cold

When out in the driveway I heard such a rumble

A man dressed in red on a Harley did tumble

He bounced to his feet and cursed at the ice

Then straightened his mirror to make it look nice

I knew at the sight of this rider in red

It must be St Nicholas--the Harley, his sled

More rapid than rockets on their bikes came his buds

Dressed all in black leather with bells on their duds

“Now Spike, Now Crusher, Now Buggsy, Now Bitchin

On Commie, On Boozer, On Baldy and Vixen

Surround the whole place and rev up your throttle

Let’s wake all the neighbors and make some good trouble!

As the snow and the mud flew all through my lawn

The riders made rooster tails rise until dawn

Then from their saddle bags they did throw

Presents of all kinds into the white snow

And then in a tinkling I heard by the tree

That one of the guys could not hold his pee

I wondered who dared to be such a prick

And I saw in an instant the prick was St. Nick!

His boots were all wet from the splash of his dink

And he tugged at his zipper, then gave me a wink.

His cheeks were all rosy, his beard was all frazzled

But his red leather suit was ablaze and bedazzled

A jolly old fat man, he had such a belly

And I thought it so fitting that he rode a red Harley

A salute and a smile led me to assume

I had nothing to fear from this man and his goons

Then he twisted his throttle, a donut he spun

And raced down the street to complete his night run

He turned the corner in a half-controlled slide

Then yelled “Merry Christmas-And have a great ride!”
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