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I have 4 different height windscreens for the bike. I like the tallest one the best but it, like all the rest, create buffeting and noise somewhere on my helmet. I have never used an added lip/spoiler on a screen before. I ordered one on Amazon for $33 and did the install. I must say I am impressed with the result right out of the box.

Employing some eyeball engineering to position the wing, I got it right the first time. I tried several different positions of the trial run and none were as effective as the initial position so that is where it stayed.

I was hoping for three results from the lip. 1. On warm days I like to ride with my face shield open to the first click. The airflow with all 4 screens would shut my face shield around 50 mph. The new lip mounted on on the tallest screen solved this problem entirely. My face shield now stays open regardless of speed. 2. The helmet noise and vibration/buffeting was bad on all the screens. Of the four the MRA screen was the best in this regard, but still unsatisfactory. With the new lip that issue is gone. 3. I did not want to position the lip where I had to ride looking thru it rather than over it. This has been accomplished as well. My line of sight is well above the lip.

The other added goodie or goodies was some cheap Chinese foot pegs. Ten bucks on Amazon. Ok before ya'll ream me a new one I have to say this is the 3rd pair I have bought and used these on 3 different bikes, all with a good result and zero problems. I put them on my 2014 FZ09, 2015 Aprilia Dorsoduro, and now my KLR. They are modeled after the stock pegs an several Yamaha bikes. These are a great addition to the bike and much more stable and comfortable than the squishy stock rubber pegs. Also these are about half an inch lower than the stock pegs. These made sense as 98% of my riding is on pavement. The other 2% would be an occasional dirt road to connect to pavement.

Concerning fitment of the pegs. The right side required a bit of filing to bring the angle down to flat. The left side installed with no filing. Eazy Peezy

I considered peg lowering brackets and the aggressive steel pegs but these make a mess of peg to pedals distances on both sides. My riding buddy has a KLR with lowered steel pegs. I don't like having to reach for the shifter and brake on it.

Cheers mates.

Pics and links as follows. Oh yea I included evidence that I now am north of 1k on the clock.

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