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Took forever to choose panniers. First, there is the issue of hard vs. soft, then a million choices in sizes, colors, and price.

I decided for my running to work and back and day trips into the mountains, that medium-sized soft panniers would be fine, and I didn't have to go the $300 to $500 route for my light duty needs.

Decided on Wild Heart 20L in yellow for $122.

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So far, I am happy with my decision as they are a true medium-duty waterproof item with a mix of metal and heavy plastic fasteners.

They don't stick out too far and are easy to open and close. Will put them to the test tomorrow on a single track ride and a mix of highway, gravel, dirt, and thick dust. But, they will haul a lot more stuff than I anticipated. Still trying to have minimal gear due to weight concerns.

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Bolted on my new LED lights but haven't done the fun part of wiring them up. They came with a very nice quality harness and switch, but I think I will just wire them up using the same power source I used for the USB ports, if it will handle the load. Will have to do some research.

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Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Then I added my machete off of my UTV that I sold and my old bayonet that's been in a dozen off-road vehicles over the years. Will be moving the little tool pouch off of the crash bar and try to find a better spot for the go-pro mount since I anticipating dumping the bike in the woods tomorrow and want to minimize collateral damage.

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Right on, looks cool. I like the Timney sticker..IYKYK! (y)

I carry my old 'Ka-bar' inside left pannier.

I'll be looking for your next Vid. Best wishes
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