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I like seeing where everybody around the country rides on a regular basis. This is one of my favorite rides. Started out in Sausalito. Up through Mt. Tamalpais by Muir woods and on to Stinson Beach. Then I meander my way back. Not a long ride, but some damn long views. I grabbed my camera on the way out the door. Hope you enjoy.

Started out with lunch. Makes the bike run better with a little extra oil on board. So I had a burger and fries.

Then I got back on and headed up toward the hills. My favorite sign. :16a:

Stopped at Muir woods to stretch and snap a picture.

Then I got back on the road and started towards Stinson Beach. Saw this bruiser on the way. Took some pics of the valley.

Then I wound my way down to Stinson Beach. Stopped by the local Motel to look at all the crap on the walls.

On the way back up into the hills I stopped and caught this chick just lolly gagging. Not exactly what you want to see when you've been blasting through the twisties. I chased her ass back into the morass and rode a little slower through the blind turns on the way back.

Then I stopped worrying about pictures. Had a nice ride home. And back home to reunite the bikes with daylight to spare.

All in all, a real nice ride. Hope you enjoyed going along via the magic of the world wide web. :35a:

#3, I was scouting for our ride, man. Gonna be sick. :16a:
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