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Sorry for beating dead horses lately, but I'm looking for something kinda particular on a rear rim and my searches have been coming up empty.

I put a rim off a XR600 on the front of my bike (Gen 1) and I dig the gold anodize.

I want a gold rim out back now,but I want to retain the safety beads, if that is what they are called. You know, the little humps that street bikes have to retain the tire beads on the rim?

Also, I would like to go to a 18" rim, but I'm willing to stick with a 17" if that is all I can find with the safety beads. I know I can just order a new rim from a manufacturer, but I'm wanting to find something on the used market to save coin.

So, what bikes used a gold 17" rim with safety beads, or better yet, the same thing in a 18".

Thanks for any input. :thumb:
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