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Anyone else like flatwater canoeing or kayaking?

Well, if you like to float rivers, there is always that one part about getting back to your vehicle that causes issues. If you aren't going far from home, it's easy enough to take two vehicles that can transport all kayaks. As you venture out further away, it starts to become more expensive, especially with $3.00 at the pumps.

There are usually transport people in popular float areas who charge fees. Problem is, you have to be in sync and meet time requirements with them. Plus the fee! Depending on distance, it can be as much as $40.

It just hit me the other day that I can just trailer the KLR and use it as the secondary vehicle. It can go either way depending on the put in and take out locations.

If I arrive at the take out first, I have to drop the KLR off if more then two people are along and then proceed to the put in. When finished, you tote another member of the party back to the put in and pickup the vehicle. Go back to load up the boats and KLR then head home.

If you arrive at the put in first, you can choose to leave either vehicle at either location. Drop everyone off and head for the take out. You can leave either vehicle at this point and then head back to the put in.

Now... the best part about this!!! I can do this solo!

In certain situations I could probably just leave the mountain bike locked up and hidden at the put in. IE.. drop the boat off at the put in, drive to the take out and leave the vehicle. Ride back on the bike to the put in, hide and lockup the bike, then paddle on down the river. I'll then have the vehicle when I'm done to load up the kayak and go get the bike. Leaving the bike at the take out is not a good idea because I won't know the condition I'll be in for the ride back to the vehicle. Might as well ride the bike at the start while fresh. I certaintly don't want to use the mountain bike if it's going to be a long ride which is where the KLR comes in.

Anyway, just thought I'd share an idea for another KLR use.
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