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Lana’i, my home.
I’ve been coming over here since the early 90’s and a couple months ago I left busy Honolulu and moved here. Over the years I have mtn biked all the perimeter trails but today on my new 2018 KLR I decided to ty them all together. So at 9:30 this morning I took off clockwise around the island. This way I would face the most technical section uphill. I’ve previously done it downhill on my bike and it was a bit exciting with several steep sections.
The start had me tackle the longest section of paved road from town down to the sand and dirt trail that leads to Keomoku. This followed the shoreline for about 10 miles and was generally smooth riding with some loose sand then about once every couple of miles I’d hit about 100 ft of deep sand, how I did not drop the bike especially on the first one is amazing. Generally I would stick both my legs out and keep the throttle even, pick a line and just go with it.
Next up, the sea level to 1500 ft of elevation Awehi road made up of sand, rocks, dirt, rocks and more rock. After about 200 ft I was not sure I would make it. Then I focused on keeping my momentum through each steep section, one at a time. My stock tool bag flew out on one section but it was near the top of a section and miraculously just decided to look back and there it was on the ground. Then I finally hit Munro trail except for a few exciting decent challenges, the remainder of the island flew by, one more brief section of road above Manele then it was 4x4 road the rest of the way. And at 1:00 pm I arrived back at Koele stables where I started after 46 miles. My phone was dead so I have no REVER route to prove it but after get my new skid plates and crash bars, I’ll do the run again and post it. I have done a lot of mtn biking but this was my 3rd dirt ride on the KLR and my biggest technical challenge. Gotta say I am pretty happy to way the KLR handled.

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