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Back to the Basic

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Hey guys.

I literally joint a few minutes ago. Today I bought '14 klr650.
I learnt how to ride a motorbike ages ago on 2001 klr650 when I was 14 years old. And yesterday, I decided to get a klr650 to do more enduro/toruing style riding. Being a motorcycle enthusiast, as all of you, I love riding. Whenever I have depressed feelings, I go out and ride as much as I can.
Unfortunately, I work a lot and I sometimes don't have much time to ride unless I sacrifice my sleep.
Last time I got suffocated and rode my 2014 Z1000 from Darwin to Sydney in 2.5 half day. I saw 4350 km on the dash the day I arrived Sydney. As you see I love riding long distance.
Now, I am getting rid of my beloved Z1000 and going to be fully focused on KLR650. First thing is topbox. and then driving lights. Buying this bike was so hard to me because I made a deal with myself to stop smoking by buying this bike. Now I feel like a child whose toy taken from his hand.
I better reading threads to learn more from you people:nerd:
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Good luck on the Stop Smoking task...It will pay off in the long run, stick with it.
I too have reverted back to the basics...Found myself riding the 2006 KLR more than the others in my shop. Sold the 2006 and bought a new 2017 last year.

Did a 60 mile Polar Bear ride yesterday to start the new year...

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