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Thought I would get this thread started for the crew gone on this ride.

What a poor excuse of a tour guide! All I had to do was be at TWO at 9:00 on Friday, but no, my bike had to come up with a bug. By the time we got it fixed and tested it out, it was 11:00 am and I had already gotten word thru the campground that I probably would not make it there, even for the afternoon ride. Oh well, the guys who showed up were able to carry on without me and Scott, like it should be. Hope you guys had a great time.

Saturday's ride, I wasn't going to be able to make. Dulcemerbob had the lead on that one, anyway, and I sure hope everyone enjoyed the ride. Helping Bob scout it out last week was a lot of fun. I do enjoy the 3 rating's and above very much, but I enjoy the rest just as much, and this had all the makings of a great ride for solo or two-up riding.

I'm excited about seeing the pics, so let me get you started with what the late afternoon on Sat. had in store for me, after duties that I could not get out of, which kept me from riding. Oh well, did get to have some family fun in the Jeep:

The family, about 15 min. from the house.

One of my other toys!

Animal Farm near the house.


One of my pups is a whinner and his whinning scared off the deer.

Going back home. We love this area!

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Well, well... another KLR forum! I've just got in the KLR owners club about a month ago and discovered the "other" forums first, maybe I've saved the best for last! Cherokee Chuck headed me over this way to post up the pics fro this weekends ride, so here you go, my first post...

Official Bat Out Of Helen Photographer here...

Friday was a lazy rainy day and I had scheduled vacation and posted a maybe for Chuck's ride so I loaded up and headed over to TWO to see how the day woiuld go. Got there about 8:45 and looked around and didn't see any of the KLR crew. Went ahead and unloaded the DR and parked it out by the entrance to entice in some more thumpers.

Sitting on the porch at TWO watching it rain with a few street riders and got the word that Chuck was having problems. Look close and you will see the rain.

Started to head out by myself when it cleared up around 10:00 but then it started to come down again so I just sat in the rocker and enjoyed a really lazy Friday morning. About lunch time I heard the thump thump thump of a KLRand Allen (AlGoodwin) rolls in to TWO from Alabama.

Dropped his gear in the shed at TWO and ate a bite of lunch. About 1:30 and no one else has arrived so we decided to hit the trails. I picked up a map and plotted a couple of short loops to ride for about 2 hours and get Allen headed on up to Unicoi since he had worked Thursday night and rode in from AL Friday morning. Went down 180 and looped around Flatland and then up 60 to Gaddistown and looped around to the fish hatchery.

Only stopped for one set of pics and had a nice paced ride of some medium dirt and twisties.

More to come...

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Got up Saturday and headed up to Unicoi to meet the Bat Out of Helen crew for Dulcimer Bob's big adventure.

There were eight riders including 5 KLRs, a DR650, a KTM 525, and my trusty little DR350!

KLR Riders were Bob from Georgia, Joe and Allen from Alabama, and Brandon and John from Tennessee.

Paul brought his shiney yellow DR650 over from Cumming.

Joe brought his KTM 525 up from Appling Georgia (near Augusta)

Me and my DR350 hail from just south of Cleveland GA.

So here's the pics I got. There were a few other cameras so may be some more to come later.

Bat Out of Helen Blast Off from Unicoi

Gassing them up at the Kwik Sak

Brandon's ready to ride

Dulcimer Bob our fearless leader

Joe and his Orange Beast

John (IYAOYAS98) is Ready to Rumble

Bob checks the GPS on Tray Mountian Road

Tray Mountain Road

John and Joe washing the tires on Indian Grave Gap Road

Heading north on 75

76 east

Upper Hightower Road is the back way in to Tallulah River Road

Upper Hightower turns into Charlies Creek Road here somewhere

and gets smaller

and smaller

and we're back in the dirt, takin a break

Paul (KLRPaul) and his DR650

We ran in to these local boys playing in the dirt

ElectroJoe and AlGoodwin getting them wet

Joe crossing the Tallulah on the 07 KTM 525

Bob is making waves

Paul washing the dirt off the DR650

John (IYAOYAS) playing in the river

to be continued...

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Bat Out of Helen money shots

The Tallulah River Road

The Tallulah River

The Motley Crew

The Tallulah River

Leaving the Tallulah River Road area

Hwy 76 in to Clayton

Joe cruising the KTM

Bob points out... Food... over there... but they were closed due to family illness

So we found this place right around the corner

The Clayton Cafe

Plum Orchard Road or Popcorn Road

A little side trip, look out for the slick log crossing the trail at an angle

Joe taking the KTM back down

John and Allen did you hear banjo music?

Popcorn Overlook

Just thought this was a pretty picture

The whole Bat Out of Helen Crew

Heading down 197

Beside Lake Burton

and Back Where It All Began

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Damn, that looked like more fun then is allowable by law, thanks for the great pictures...
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