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Open invitation to this ride. Most conversation is on .net and some also at klrworld.

Here's the summary I wrote this afternoon...

I just went through all the .net posts and summerized attendees, so here's a copy for your viewing pleasure.

I'm going to go through all the posts here and there and try to figure out who's coming. Please correct me if I'm wrong and post your plans so we can be sure not to leave anyone behind.

Please post your plans for Friday and Saturday.

Where are you planning to stay?

Is anyone coming in Friday and plan to meet at noon?

Is anyone riding JUST Friday or JUST Saturday?

I'll also throw out the welcome mat over at klrforum.

Bat Out of Helen - Oktoberfest Ride 10/24 - 10/26

Friday - Riding out of TWO meet at 9:00, kickstands up at 9:30
will return to TWO(?) and pick up anyone who's coming in Friday A.M.
Friday's ride is rated UP TO 3.5 on the Chuck-OH-Meter but Chuck can provide some bypass routes that will keep it below 3.0.

Saturday - Riding out of Unicoi meet at 9:00 kickstands up at 9:30
Currently the plan is to book it up to Fires Creek and play around there for the morning and the afternoon is not set in stone yet. We'll probably decide based on how we are doing at lunch Saturday.
Fires Creek rates a 2.0 - 2.5 on the Chuck-Full-OH-Fun meter.

I don't expect the afternoon would be over 2.5 unless it's muddy and somebody gets me all muddy... AGAIN!

then all bets are OFF I'm not going to say who Baptised me in mud on the KennyG Hooligan Ride Friday at TDP Steve, and I did forgive you, but I haven't forgotton... YET!

Sunday - On your own. I can't ride Sunday, but I think most of the riding Sunday will be going home rides.

Attending so far...

Cherokee Chuck
1. Al Goodwin
2. B Goodwin
3. Tagalong + 3 maybes
4. kawboyv2k
5. GaThumper+ Steve :nice:
5. Joe Gurley
6. iyaoyas98 - maybe
7. gasdftrooper
8. rickyp3270
9. Trailready
10. ElectroJoe
11. Ridge tenative

CMARider and Ramblin Rose... maybe?
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