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Bump and a hi-jack...

This thread is exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, no one has answered the OP's question adequately, which is identical to mine.

I ride 15 miles to work on a rural highway and my junk is numb by the time I get there. I did a 100-mile trip the other day and had to constantly move rearward and half stand on the pegs to retain feeling below my waist.

The factory seat is awful.

A YT guy I follow, Dork in the Road, mentioned that he uses a cheap ATV seat cover for $20 on all his ADV bikes and that it makes a huge difference.

I bought one and added it my seat and barely noticed any difference at all.

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So far, for my relatively short rides, it is not intolerable, but would like to find a cheap solution to increase comfort. My hunting backpack has a free-hanging pad that is used for sitting on the ground. While hiking, it hangs off the pack and is barely noticeable, but when you stop and need to sit, you can tuck it underneath for a comfy rest. Thinking about something similar for the KLR. There's gotta be a gel pad for cheap that can be used.
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