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Leaving my house for work this morning, exiting the alley and shifting from 1st to 2nd, the bike just quit. No hiccup, nothing, slimply died as if someone hit the kill switch. I still had dash lights so pulled over and pressed the starter button and the engine lit right up, and off i went. Had about a 3mile ride to work with no further issues.
This is the first time the bike has ever done anything like this. 2009 klr with nearly 10kmiles. Now, i did remove the kickstand safety switch and installed a jumper many, many miles ago (i'll take a look at that tonight). That is really the only mod i'vd done to the electrical on this bike.
But it felt more like an electrical gremlin caused issue rather then fuel. I say that because there was no sputter or backfire to indicate a carb or gas problem.

Anyways, any suggestions or thoughts? And maybe i'll never see this again but i'm planning a mini cross country ride in a week and would feel alittle better if I had acouple things to check.
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