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BikeMaster TruGel
Model #: MG14L-A2

The 2003 came with a recently purchased BikeMaster wet-cell battery. Normally I would have replaced it with a sealed battery but it was almost new and I could spend the money on other things. Should have listened to my instincts. Two pair of acid eaten Levi's, $77. As most of you know the KLR charges the battery big time. This KLR is kept on a sidestand and apparently I couldn't see it) the battery spews (drips) battery acid on the garage floor. Two pair of Levi's in two days.

Searched the internet for a good deal on a good sealed battery. BikeMaster released the TruGel for 2010 and I can get a good deal on this normally $103 battery. Battery looked good though we rarely see them. The fit was like stock except...had to elongate the hole in the Positive cable end because the bent end of the connector hits the battery housing and the hole does not line up. This would have been a simple fix with a rattail file but I did the battery replacement in the parking lot of PCP Motorsports and I did not bring a rattail file. Mike Spratt was a good friend and borrowed a file from one of the mechanics. The other thing I relearned was replacing a battery while on the sidestand. It is just easier to replace the battery while the KLR is sitting square.

The battery worked as it should. I will occassionaly post about the battery performance during the 2 Year Warranty.
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