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Now I am swapping brake lines, stock for S.S. Galfer.
FYI I'm not sure if I am real happy with the Galfer pads I installed at 21k, at 24K they look about 50% gone. Considering I got 21k out of my OEM I expected more. I hope the S.S. lines work out better.
I just finished the fronts and doing a pressure check right now.
The old fluid was a coffee brown color, new looks nice and clean/clear.
Not done the rear yet, in the AM.
A couple things on the line swap.
The S.S. are much smaller in dia. so they do not fit the existing routing clamps well.
Truth they don't fit at all, I am forced to use zip ties or tape to fatten them up.
I do not like the way the new line fits under the steering head/triple tree, no way will it engage the existing clamp. IMO this is a specific hose for the KLR so Galfer should
supply the required bushings to fit or specify a work around.
Another item that was very handy to have is a 60 ml syringe to aid in bleeding the brake
system. I used one with 3ft. of 3/16 clear pvc tubing ( 4ft would be better) and this made
flushing/bleeding the system an easy task. A few bubbles when I started then none.
I flushed about an 1oz. of fluid out none was coffee colored all nice and clear, kept the
reservoir topped up, closed the bleeder done. No way for air to enter the system, no air
in the 3ft. of tubing to suck up into the system. IMO a lot less expensive than a brake bleeder kit. If I have made a obvious error please let me know but all seems to work well, the pressure check will tell I hope.
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