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Hey Guys,\
Just wanted to share a deal that I got with you. I stumbled onto a warehouse liquidation and I am able to get the Fox Body Armor (Like the 2009 Launch) Except in all black, which I perfer. These are perfect for the Adventure riders. The main jacket is mesh spandex and offers protection on the Spine, Shoulders, Elbow, Forearm, chest and has a built in Kidney belt. They are very light weight and comfortable. They also have many adjustment staps and velcro everywhere. I can only make a min. order of 10 units at a time until they run out and I am on my second order. They come in M, L, XL and XXL. If you are interested please shoot me a call and get on the list. They take about a week to arrive to me and I will ship them out via USPS. I'm not in the apparel business, but this is a great opportunity to get some great gear for a low cost. I am also trying to get a hook for Boots, Jackets, Gloves ect. Still in the negotiation phase, but it looks good.
The shipping is $10 to the cont. USA I can ship to Canada as well, but will have to find out the shipping costs.

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