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Hello fellow riders I'm new to KLR but maybe I'll pick the one tomorrow, in need of advice.
Is a 1999
Seems to be in OK conditions but its seems that it have a leak somewhere on the left side of the motor(kinda under the stator) and he said the fan not working the bike currently have 35k on it he had it for only 1 year but he live in DOWNTOWN so he didnt ride much
Asking price was 2500 I talked him to 1900
I test it feels ok but hard for me today as my daily it's a M109R
The doohickey was done and there is a log book from Previous owner
The winning question should I.
I'm ok with working on my machine I just no familiar with the klr yet
Thank you for all the help

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If you can turn the fan blades with your finger, disconnect the fan switch terminal at the bottom of the radiator. Touch that wire to a bare metal 'cooling fin' on the cylinder head. The cooling fan should now run if the fan fuse (Behind the coolant reservoir) is not burnt.

The o-ring on the doo-hickey locking bolt may have been torn as they re-installed the LH engine cover. You must remove the outer LH engine cover to replace the locking bolt o-ring. :(
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