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C50 vs Vulcan

I had a 2009 Vulcan Classic with a wind screen. Rumbles right along at 70 without breaking a sweat. A bit on the heavy side for my taste and you start to notice engine vibration if you go above 70. Don't know what you mean by "long trip". After about 100 miles on the Vulcan your hands can get a little numb and your butt a little sore.

But I prefer the Vulcan over the C50 for engine displacement, disc brakes front and rear, belt drive, and overall looks. My brother owns a C50. It's good for riding about 100 miles, as well, before needing a break.

Hope that helps. I traded my Vulcan for a KLR, which is more suited to the type of riding I do. I just wanted the experience of riding a "big" bike, so I tried the Vulcan. No regrets, .....it just wasn't me.

Mark in Montana
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