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Cable routing

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Can anybody supply a picture of the proper clutch cable routing around the ignition lock for a 2015 KLR650? I had my front end off for service and although I thought I put it back the same the clutch cable is making an annoying creaking sound as it rubs the lock. When I try to relocate, it migrates back and does the same thing. Thanks.
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Regrettably, the cable rub over the fairing bracket may be totally normal. An inch narrower handlebar would probably solve the noise / rubbing.
I just hit you up directly in a conversation but maybe it would be better discussed here, to serve the greater good.

I mentioned in the conversation I started that there is an additional loop on the second gen directly below the ignition. I can't believe I would have pulled my clutch cable all the way back out of that loop when changing bars and adding risers... But I'm allowing it into the realm of possibilities.

I don't see anything going through the loop that is directly below the ignition switch but it does appear that it might keep my clutch cable pressed down and out of the way of the pivoting ignition switch.

I have the same creaking sound and I can already see wear on the clutch cable from rubbing.

Hoping someone can chime in or offer any advice on solving this.

Sorry for waking an old thread that is pretty much redundant.

Another old thread but it at least answers my question about the unused loop in front of the steering head/below the ignition switch.
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