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Short story long,

I have a couple of friends that live in Alaska during the summer months. Ryan and his buddy flew Ryan's plane up, and Heidi, Kiyra (the Husky), and I took Heidi's jeep. We did the drive over my spring break and I flew home after hanging out for a couple days.

We drove from Beaulah, MI to Talkeetna, AK in 7days:

Michigan to Fergus Falls, MN
Fergus Falls to Lewiston, Montana
Lewiston to Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton to Buckinghorse, Alberta
Buckinghorse to Watson Lake, Yukon
Watson Lake, to Tok, Alaska (where it was 31 below in the morning)
and Tok to Talkeetna

We didn't do the WHOLE Alaskan Highway because we hung a left at Tok to head twoards Anchorage but we did enough of it for me to understand why so many people want to make the journey on two wheels.

I've put together a little video thingy of the photos I took on the trip, they are mostly in cronological order.


I used Photostory3, which is a free download for people with a legit copy of XP. I want to thank the guy on advrider.com again for sharing his trip to alaska and telling everyone about photostory.

If you guys are interested in more details on the Alcan in the winter I can put together a trip report sometime in a couple weeks. I've got a long layover next sunday and nothing to do.

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