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Can anyone help me diagnose this??

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I have been scratching my head on this and cannot for the life of me figure out what is wrong. I was hoping to go on a ten day trip in a week or so but if it's not just a simple fix I'm overlooking it'll have to wait to save the pig. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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Apologies, Tom. I tried to attach a video of the engine running and it was too big for a direct attachment so I tried putting the link to Reddit where I was able to post it. I have a higher pitched knock and the engine doesn't sound right. It's hard to describe without the video. Is there another way to attach the video? What's the length requirement on videos?
Thanks for the help tdf! I was also thinking that the cam or balance chain is really loose and rubbing against the inside somewhere so I checked the tensioner and it seemed to be working properly. I only took of the LH engine cover with the stator attached I did not take off the flywheel because I don't have the tools to do so. The noise started when I was doing part of the TAT a few months ago and I decided to come home because of it. It HAS felt/sounded like the bike has been running at a higher RPM than what the tach says, so how should I go about checking the starter ring gear? Also, properly checking the tension and condition of the two chains inside? I think I am going to put a new crush washer on the header pipe just to rule that out.
So the clutch side does make some noise but its not abnormal. It does get quite hot to the touch though.

I have not personally done the doo but im pretty confident the original owner did because it has the torsion spring on it and not the stock. Also, I do not hear any starter noise when turning the engine CCW with a socket.

The only thing I did before my previous trip was check the tensioner and did the adjuster. I was thinking of taking it back apart and seeing if I could see any indication that the chain was rubbing or slapping against something. Would it be possible that the woodruff key could have been bent or something causing anything to be off balance? I'm completely stumped here.
Do you think trying a manual chain tensioner would be a bad idea? Maybe the spring in the automatic isn't giving it enough tension anymore? Causing it to slap and rub things on the inside?
So I took the tensioner out and extended it one click, then reinstalled so that it gave a little more tension on the chain. It quieted the left side up alot and helped with the whine. I will try the screwdriver method and look for any chatter. Has anybody had experience with a manual tensioner? Or should I replace the spring on the stock? It seems like it wasn't giving it enough pressure to take up all the slack.
Apologies, for my vagueness and confusion. I wanted to test if more tension on the chain would help so I didn't completely reset the tensioner. I removed the spring first and then body, so that I could see how far the spring was engaging the tensioner. Then, instead of compressing the tensioner, I extended the ratchet one click. Installed the body and then spring. It seemed to go back to a normal operating sound after adding a bit more tension. Although, I only had the engine running for a few minutes as a test. I'm thinking of getting a manual tensioner before it's put under any actual load from riding.
I just did the screwdriver test that pdwestman suggested. I reset the tensioner per manual specs then removed the top cap plug and inserted a screwdriver. The screwdriver was chattering in and out a bit so I added a little pressure to it. The tensioner clicked to add a ratchet tooth and the screwdriver stopped moving and was completely smooth. Does this mean it just wasn't getting the correct tension it needed?
Pdwestman, I did that before I read your post. After I saw it I reset the tensioner per manual specs and then went with your screwdriver method. Everything seems to be better now so I'm just going to let it ride. It's a KLR. It'll be alright, right?

I appreciate the help everyone. Y'all are the bees knees.
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