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Being as no-one else has offered any suggestions, I will.
Are you 100% certain that the shifter is not 'cracked' at the weld to the splined clevis??

I had my OEM shifter develop a crack between the 'shank' and the clevis, at the weld. Bike would down-shift fine, but Up-shifts were randomly intermittent!

Turned out that the 'shank' of the gear shifter would allow the 'tip' of the pedal to DIG-Into the alternator/flywheel cover and feel like a completed shift, 'firm-feel', but it had not stroked 'far-enough'!

Took me about 5 miles and 50 shifts to figure out 'sort of' what was wrong. Luckily, I was packing a Moose gear pedal as a spare!
Now the OEM pedal, after re-welding is the spare!
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