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Cheap but effective bike stand

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I had to lift my bike to check wheels/spokes as I thought I bent my front rim. After looking all over the property for pieces of wood etc I eyeballed this to use. I believe they are for sale at Home Depot but not sure. The height is perfect and I can slide it between front wheel and skid plate then pull forward to elevate bike. It is nice and sturdy.
Automotive tire Road surface Asphalt Rectangle Flooring

I can move bike forward for the rear to lift off the ground and move back to have the front elevated. The measurement I got was 11 1/2” from ground to top of wood and FYI maybe a little higher might be better. This worked good but maybe if someone had more extensive work to do they might want a different setup but easy to elevate for quick check! Right on/ride on!
-BK 👍
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