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This isn't a trip report yet. lol

Gentlemen of the KLR variety:

I have the week of the 4th off and also that's my yearly solo jaunt
around the Great 48.

I'm looking for lodging for one KLR, a tent, and myself
in some humble back yard anywhere in middle America.
Don't wanna spend the whole time on the bike so anything
from the right coast to the Rockies works just fine.

Not ALWAYS being Cheap, I'll buy a dinner n' tankful for whoever
can tolerate me for a day or two.

A tech-day can certainly be tossed in if U need the doo or .22 done up.

Send a pm if yer interested to exchange info n' stuff to do in the area.

Ride 'em if ya got 'em.

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Gotta spot in St. Louie from here @ KLR forum..
Thanks, Armed.

Nice lil' trip coming together.
Starting here at the bottom of Lake Mi it's a lazy three hrs.
to cousin's in Detroit suburbs, then more easterly to a nite
at the in-laws in NY. Should be a wonderful daytrip thru
Appalacia over to the Ozarks n' St. Louis for roughly day 3 n' 4.
Easy-ish 12 hr daytrip back to the homestead.

As usual, it's a bit of slab to make time, then the two laners that
twist all over the country where real people live, and KLR's thrive.
The more dirt roads and pee/ rest spots the better.

All of this is subject to change at this early stage.
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